"Well you just proved that if your trying to bring me down, it means your already below me to begin with."

Takahashi Katsumi (かつみ たかはし), also known as Kat, is a student in the Training Class at Akurakaya along with her sister Ayaka. She is a Keira, however, the second power is unknown.

Appearance Edit

Katsumi has yellow eyes and back-length scarlet red hair. When homeless with her sister, she wore a grey tank top and jeans. In battle, she wears a red corset with silver up the top and two silver lines on the sides. Katsumi wears grey jean shorts with two red belts and a small brown pocket bag. She also has a belt around her thigh to put her scythe's original form. As well as a overlay cape that helps with mobility. Her boots are knee-high and are black and grey with red trimming as well as four more belts. Katsumi also made herself a scarf that she sown to work as a hood and a mask.

Personality Edit

Katsumi puts up a happy and optimistic persona when around other people. Most of the time she is a cheerful and energetic person when in reality she is actually hiding a lot of sadness. Brewing from fear of losing Ayaka and her mother's death, Katsumi holds a lot back and is often very serious and rage-fueled in battle. When describing Katsumi, Eriko described her by saying;

"Physically she is a very capable and strong student. But emotionally, she lacks in strength."

Katsumi is willing to do anything to protect the people she cares about and often loses temper in the battlefield. She is also very nuturing and mature person.

History Edit

Katsumi grew up in the Shinoto village with her sister, Ayaka, and her mother Layla. When Katsumi and Ayaka were kids they didn't get involved with the other kids at school, they spent most of their time inside at the school breaks instead of going out and playing. As a result, they didn't have a lot of friends or anyone to talk to.

As a result to this Katsumi fell into a heavy depression and skipped school and went to a unknown place. She would go there sad and come back smiling. Nobody, not even her sister knew where she went. They later revealed that Katsumi was going to a forbidden place, after that the village people made the village security to make sure that Katsumi doesn't head out of the village. A while later, Katsumi was feeling sick and wanted to stay home but her mother wouldn't let her and forced her to go to school. In the middle of the class, she coughed up blood and ran out of the classroom to which she was confronted by a teacher. Putting out her hand, she mysteriously made the teacher groan in pain and fall to the ground spilling blood out of his mouth as well. Katsumi then ran out of the school. Ayaka soon heard of what happened and was crowded by a bunch of people who also got her powers that day, they ran home after meeting up again. Upon arriving home, the girls found their mother slaughtered in her bed and they froze in shock. The members of the village busted into the door and saw Layla, assuming the girls killed her. They were then hunted and chased out of town where they spent the next 7 years homeless and abandoned in Fukuoka living in an alleyway.  

One day the girls were confronted by a man who gave them a note which later lead them to find Lidenia. Freeing them from homelessness and lead to them getting enrolled in Akurakaya

Weapons, Abilities and Bindings. Edit

Weapons Edit

  • Twin black gauntlets with the ability to grow blades either side when a button is pushed . Her gauntlets are a very close-ranged weapon which requires a lot of strength to use in battle.
  • Her secondary weapon is a scythe that takes form from an extend-able pole. The pole doesn't take anything to expand, however the pole's blades that forms the scythe uses a fragment of her blood. The more blood she puts in is the larger the blade is. Katsumi tries to be conservative so the blade is never so big that she uses a lot of blood.

Abilities Edit

  • Blood Manipulation is Katsumi's main power. She draws her own blood and shape it to what ever she wants. Usually she only uses her blood to make weapons but sometimes she uses it to make a simple pencil to draw.
  • Her Keira power is unknown. Many people believe that she is an ordinary Seikina but Professor Eriko heavily denies that and insists that she just hasn't discovered it yet.

Bindings Edit

  • Katsumi has a Regeneration binding tattooed on her shoulder that regenerates her blood when it gets too low. The drawback is that it only works when she is completely relaxed, meaning it wont regenerate in battle or when she is over-thinking/worried for someone or something.