"It's better to stay down at the bottom, then to waste your pride at the top and lose the number one spot because of it."
Ayaka Takahashi (あやか たかはし), usually called Aya by her sister Katsumi, is a student in the training class of Akurakaya. along with her sister. She is a Keira just like her sister.

Appearance Edit

Ayaka has red eyes and black hair that fades to a rich yellow, usually in a plait. When homeless, she wore a black hoodie and grey faded pants with a gold belt. In battle she wears a yellow corset with brown trim with a brown skirt and yellow belt. She also has a quiver for arrows attached to her belt. Her boots are brown and knee-high. She has a brown cape with a reddish hint to it.

Personality Edit

Ayaka seems to be lost all the time when entering Lidenia. When encountering new things, she seems to become lost and not knowing what to do. Ayaka is very loud and friendly but can become very agitated very quickly, even for times where she doesn't even know what is wrong.

History Edit

Ayaka grew up in the Shinoto Village with her sister, Katsumi, and her mother Layla. When her and her sister were kids they didn't get involved with the other kids at school, they spent most of their time inside at the school breaks instead of going out and playing. However, Ayaka wanted to socialize but felt scared to.

Later down the lines, Katsumi fell into a heavy depression and skipped school to go to a forbidden place. Ayaka would worry about her sister but never felt the courage to say anything. when it was revealed that Katsumi was going to a forbidden place, the village people made the village security to make sure that Katsumi doesn't head out of the village. A while later, Katsumi felt strangely sick and wanted to stay home but she went to school anyway. There, she discovered her blood powers and accidentally made a person bleed. Ayaka heard what happened and she ran to her sister. Trying to ask if Katsumi is okay, Ayaka reached out her hand and around her, the carpet started to turn into ash. Katsumi grabbed Ayaka and ran home. Upon arriving home, the girls found their mother slaughtered in her bed and they froze in shock. The members of the village busted into the door and saw Layla, assuming the girls killed her. They were then hunted and chased out of town where they spent the next 7 years homeless and abandoned in Fukuoka living in an alleyway.  

One day the girls were confronted by a man who gave them a note which later lead them to find Lidenia. Freeing them from homelessness and lead to them getting enrolled in Akurakaya.

Weapons, Abilities and Bindings. Edit

Weapons Edit

  • Ayaka's main weapon is a gold and brown bow. She has multiple arrow types such as poison, stun and fragmentation and other.
  • Her secondary weapon is a katana with a black handle. Kaori Homura made her this katana.

Abilities Edit

  • Her main power is Transmutation. She can transform anything into something completely different either temporarily or permanently.
  • Her Keira power is Adaptation. Ayaka can initiate direct eye contact with somebody using their power and she can copy that power. Mostly used to take Kyrin Asano's flames or Hagashi Kasai's lightning.